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Sin City Photography

Thief:  Sin City Photography
Link:   http://sincity-photography.com/
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/SinCityPhotography

When looking up sources for 24/7 PROtography’s stolen images, I came across this website which jumped out at me as a thief.  Once I was done screen capping the mess that is 24/7 PROtography, I decided to head over here and see what I could find.  

An image on Sin City’s wedding gallery with their water mark clearly seen.

The image on the original photographer’s site, Ace Photography

Another image from Sin City.

The image appears to be a stock image for Las Vegas Wedding Photography, seen on many sites including this one.  

Another image that appears TWICE in their gallery.

It was taken from this collage from Andi Diamond Photography

Moving over to the Sweet 16 Gallery.

The image is the designer, Allure’s model image for the gown.

Another image from the Sweet 16 gallery.

This was stolen from Hanle Productions.

Another image from Sin City.

Another stolen model image for the dress designer, this time from Bella Sera Dresses