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Reaction Photography

Awwww it’s a thief that takes me back to my roots, well almost.  My first foray into this “field” so to speak was with a girl named Dana Dawes who stole a bunch of photos for her Groupon ad.  The news even got involved with the story and when they showed her in her studio, the stolen images were even displayed there.   This new thief came to me via the same starting point – someone saw their Amazon Ad (the image used in the ad appears to be theirs) and clicked on their website and discovered a gallery of images that are not theirs.

A photographer earlier today had his images removed but Reaction Photography aka Carmen Ridenoure took only their images down, not all of the stolen ones.  Of course a new “assistant” was blamed.  Interesting that the images that are not Reaction’s original works are the ones featured in ads and the first ones in the slideshows online.

PS:  Let this be a lesson to future brides, this company won “The Best of The Knot” award for 2013 AND 2014.  That award doesn’t mean much.  Continue reading “Reaction Photography” »