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Picture This Photography by Maeghan Brewer

URL:  http://www.picturethisphotographybymb.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Picture-This-Photography-by-Maeghan-Brewer/121361777933685

Apparently this photographer submitted a photo for critique from her peers.  When looking at her Facebook page they realized not only were some newborn poses extremely scary and dangerous but also that some of her images were stolen. 

In addition to the thieving, she’s also posed newborns on the middle of the street and on railroad tracks.  NEVER do this.  

The first image that caught my eye as being stolen:

It is originally by Captured by Carrie, seen here on her blog

The next image that caught my eye:

This is by fashion photographer Warwick Saint.


This is a magazine spread by photographer Alasdair McClellan


This is by Elias Tahan.

There are a few more but I’m sick and I think you get the gist. 

The below are just a few of the very dangerous situations this photographer has put babies and children in.  This is NOT okay!