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Glass Slipper Weddings (Modesto, CA)

stolen pictures on glass slipper photography

stolen images on craigslist ad

Glass Slipper Weddings aka Jessica Adams in the Bay Area of California has some pretty sticky fingers.  Her Facebook page is riddled with stolen images, as well as her craigslist ad and her website.  It’s hard to imagine that any of these images are her own.

Sources she stole from on her website/Craigslist ad:





Facebook stolen images:

Her current cover photo is stolen – 

Source is RT Armstrong’s Wedding Wire Gallery

Glass Slipper’s “Julia & Noah” gallery is stolen from a feature on Every Last Detail:

Source is an Every Last Detail wedding by Sarah DiCicco

Her “Meghan and Mike Solo” wedding is stolen from Rebecca Whitney

Source is Rebecca Whitney

Heck even her LOGO isn’t actually hers… 

The source is actually a logo for a mission from a local (to me, ironic) salon for high school girls to feel like a princess for a day

I believe there are other sources as well.  If you find an image of yours be sure to SCREENCAP and I also suggest PDF’ing the site as well before contacting the thief.  

UPDATE 5/21/12:  

They have removed all stolen photos (which was every image) from their website and the wedding and contact buttons no longer work.  Her Craigslist ad has been removed.  However her Facebook page is still up and the cover image is still the B&W version of someone else’s image.  

UPDATE 5/23/12:

Olivia London/Cara Mia/Glass Slipper is still slipping through the cracks.  She answers her phone but hangs up as soon as she is called out as a thief.  She’s not responding to emails and her Facebook messages are going unanswered.  People took to Yelp to let brides know what’s up but the reviews have been filtered (along with her fake 5* reviews as well).  It shall be interesting to see where this continues to go and how many new aliases she’ll create.