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I do not understand why so many photographers use someone else’s images for their own mini session advertisements. I just don’t get it.  This photographer was warned a few times not to do this and kept replacing the images the photographers told her to take down with new images that still were not hers.  Sigh.   

Website (appears to be clean save for the ad in Specials, see below):


Original source 1     Original source 2SSPhotography_0003.jpg

Original source 1     Original source 2

Unknown original source

  • peaceetc

    They don’t learn, do they? What is so complicated about not using others’ work, especially without permission, and especially to advertise your business services? Even a child would understand this, so why are so many adults failing to grasp this basic concept? And this one was given multiple warnings. I just don’t get it.

    • Lori Hoddinott

      to hazard a guess … I’d say they figure they’ll never get caught. The internet is so vast, the odds are small they’ll get caught in it, but they don’t factor is photo stealers and a very pissed off photography industry ! 🙂

      • peaceetc

        Probably true. But she was told more than once to stop it, but she kept doing it. And that is why Photo Stealers needs to do what it does — for a lot of these people, it takes the public shaming for them to even think about stopping.

        • doncalifornia

          Why was she warned “multiple times” before the shaming? People should be posted up here immediately for stealing others’ work.

          • Photo Stealers

            I wasn’t notified until after she’d got a few warnings.

            I also wanted to post that because I get ENDLESS complaints from people that I don’t notify the thieves first and how awful that is and how there is an explanation. This was a perfect example of someone that had been told many times they’ve been caught but kept on stealing pics.

      • C Sab

        lol They were small before this site was made.

  • April

    haha…posted this link on her page and poof! A minute later her page is gone!

    • platinum imagery

      April its more likely you were simply blocked from the page and thats why you can no longer see it

  • Can these fauxtographers please stop taking photos on rail road tracks..isn’t this illegal? I cringe when I see kids or people sitting on them.

    • Terry Padalino Beigie

      Depends on state. In Va it is illegal to take them within 5 feet of the tracks!

    • Jamie Vesay

      Plenty of photographers do it too. It’s more against the railroad owners rules than anything – for crazy reasons like safety (sarcasm). They could probably have you arrested under a trespassing law. But very people ask for permission anyway. What you all don’t realize is – a guy like me will then come along to try for permission for a movie – and they say no straight away because previous “artists” have F’ed it up.

    • Eric Lefebvre

      The act of taking pictures on railroad tracks isn’t illegal in and of itself … simply BEING on railroad tracks is illegal … it;s trespassing since it;s private property.

  • myrtlebeachbummer

    Um….. I’m pretty sure I know who that Myrtle Beach image belongs to. I’ve sent a message to the artists to see.

  • Joseph Philbert

    People like this are sick!!

  • Hey, it ‘s not stealing if you don’t get… oh. I see.

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf

    It’s a shame it’s not easier to sue these douchebags.

  • C Sab

    I guess the SS Photography has been sunk. *ba dum tish*

  • Jamie Vesay

    In case you all missed this recent blog post from a blogger that was sued for using unauthorized photos – read and spread the word.