Facebook Removed the Official Photo Stealers FB Page

You may have noticed that something is missing today.  If you haven’t noticed, that would be the Facebook Page for Photo Stealers.

::moment of silence::

On Monday I received two notifications that two posts were removed from the page due to violating community standards.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.14.22 AM


Oddly, the “New Listing” linking to SJK Photography in Delray Beach‘s post wasn’t removed despite what the notification said.  When I got the notification shortly after the first about the share of the Peta Pixel article link being removed, I was temporarily banned from Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 11.15.35 AM

I used my time effectively, creating a timeline, complete with screen captures, to add to the SJK Photography post.  That is at the bottom of the page.

Yesterday I was out of the office most of the day and didn’t touch the PS page at all except to let people know I was back.

Today I woke up to find that Facebook had decided to unpublished the Photo Stealers Facebook Page because of bullying.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 8.19.47 AM

I moderate but so be it, it’s gone (for now).  I did hit the “appeal” button but that’s literally all it is, a button. I created a new Facebook Page in the meantime.  It will either be our forever home or just a temporary shelter but either way – I will continue on.  This is merely a bump in the road. Thanks to all for the support!!!

  • Bethany Mills

    I truly don’t understand FB. How it can take down YOUR page, but leave theirs up (which in my mind is still bullying). But whatever, i’ve “liked” the new page.

    Keep up the good work, Corey!

    • BigAl

      Simple really Billcie are very careful about controlling the narrative on the PS Stop the Bullying page, and all their other pages. Although they will have a little flame war, which usually sees both sides losing their tempers, as they are very good at goading people to use intemerate language, which they now seem to screenshot. They only let those messages stay visible for a very short time. They even go so far as to closing down the pages when they are not available to keep things under their control. Most of the time when you have a look at the page it seems to be a 100% legitimate page, unless you follow some of the links out. So the FB administrators, or whatever they are called look at the page, see nothing wrong and leave it alone.

      The official PS page on the other hand is left available for comments 24/7 and again Billcie takes advantage even of this. They will leave an occasional comment on posts that again cause people to get their backs up and leave less than polite comments about Billcie. Billcie again removes the original post that caused offence, leaving just the intemperate comments from PS supporters. Again an FB administrator will take a quick look at the page, see all the negative comments against someone who apparently hasn’t commented on the page, and so pull the page for “bullying behavior”. This is mainly because Corey seems to want to let both sides have a voice, but the “other” side is still managing to control the events.

      Unless it is easy for FB to look at ALL of the deleted comments from Billcie, it is almost impossible to get this situation reversed. The real problem is that the PS supporters get really fed up with the behavior of the outed thieves that they, being human, will often resort to crude language themselves.


  • Keep up the good fight Corey

  • athenamor

    I am so sorry to read this. I am hoping FB will see their error and reinstate the original page. I’m hoping that whatever is happening on the legal side of things is turned in your favor. I’m sure “they” are dancing right now, but frankly, though I have “liked” your page, I go here directly not through FB. I wonder if the other followers do so as well? Facebook can be a great media source, but despite what some believe it is not the Be All, End All of getting your information to the masses.

  • Lisa

    I’m just disgusted by this… in some communities I am in, people randomly post beastiality images, and apparently that is A-okay. But this? NoooOOOooo

    • Logan Smith

      …what kind of communities are you in?

      • Lisa

        A pokemon trading community was the one the beastiality image was posted in, by someone. I reported it, and it came back that it was fine (WTF). There was a group meant specifically to bash autistic kids, another against fat women, I reported both of those as well as the image I mentioned, and all of that came back as not against FB guidelines. And Photostealers gets taken down?! COME ON.

  • keca

    Unreal. There are REAL bullies on Facebook that are allowed to carry on their chaos EVERY DAY. GAWD I hope karma gets those two!!!

  • Lisa D Acord

    They leave up groups about animal abuse, which I’ve reported, and yet they remove Photo Stealers–a group that exposes THIEVES? FB is so messed up.

    • Once I reported a pimp with photographs of minors, they answered that they couldn’t see anything wrong in that fb page… it seems FB is “for bad” people only.

    • Savannah

      I had my page removed because a local photographer reported me over & over again for a naked newborn (nothing visible….just like every other tasteful newborn photo on there….). When I reported someone who stole my image they didn’t do anything, they told me that it was “just a photograph” and once posted online I had no control over who posted it. Never mind they removed my watermark & put theirs on.

  • There is a real simple way to let Facebook know this is not acceptable to the people who pay to advertise on the site. If every Photographer along with any creative person who doesn’t want their work stolen paused their Facebook ad on a specific day, I think Facebook would get the message about Photo Stealers.

    • good luck getting that to actually happen. Good idea, just unrealistic.

  • kiwithing

    For the longest time I had stayed away from making a Facebook account until just recently. I thought it would be a good idea to keep in touch with all of the bands I run into.

    I’m not surprised by their decision and will definitely be deleting my account. This is ridiculous. I bet if Photostealers paid for adverts, their page would have remain untouched…

  • AlleninBellevue

    I can appreciate that it is easier for Facebook to take down a page than to try to make an informed decision on the many complaints it receives each day.

    However, if Facebook knowingly allows stolen photos to be published on their site, they open themselves up to a lawsuit. It may not pay to sue a small time photo thief but Facebook has deep pockets that could make this worthwhile problem to settle in court.

  • Justin Case

    Guess who’s back:

  • Ric New

    I’m not sure why a FB page is needed anyways. Who cares. Got this site, what is so important about having a presence on FB? Keep up the good work with this site, one that you can control.

    • Melinda Potter

      I feel the same. It’s good for putting out that there’s a new listing (reaches more people quicker) and I know that sometimes people submit there as well. There’s been a few times a stealer doesn’t quite meet all the criteria for a listing here (not a photog, but an “editing company” or wedding planning, or the like) and they can get a brief mention on the FB page just to make people aware.

      • Ric New

        I will admit that I get notified via FB about new entries here. However, the FB presence just gives losers like SKJ Photography another front to attack you on. And, as we have seen, you have little control when it comes to your FB page. To notify people on new entries tweeter is probably a better tool. Just my two cents.

        • Ric New

          Obviously, I meant Twitter. 🙂

    • GlennMcQuaig

      I would think it’s because FB has millions of members and millions of people going to the various FB pages all over the world, and this site doesn’t. A larger web presence is simply better for PS. And FB definitely has more positive benefits than negatives (like that loser Bill). It’s all about getting the word out there to as many people as possible to shame these thieves.

  • cor508

    Sharing this ory with eveyone i know and asking to send a note to facebook to pull their head out of their a@@. Its discusting thwt they support theives and buy into the lies scumbags like this tell

    • Melinda Potter

      They took another look and the PS facebook page is back up, and Billy’s page is down

      • Ima Hater

        I’m SURE that whatever “really going to earn their money” legal counsel they hired told them to shut it down and STFU. Even if they had a chance at winning their case, they most certainly don’t now. Too bad they can’t just take the page down and “erase” what the did either, because we screen capped it all. 😉

        • Melinda Potter

          You’re right. Maybe… Finally… They legitimately have legal counsel. I hope so for their sakes. No, it’s not looking good for them right now, but it would have been made even worse if they had continued on as they had been for any longer. Yikes! What a mess these two created for themselves

          • Ima Hater

            I would NOT want to be their lawyer trying to wade through all of this noise, while at the same time being LIED to, or having information “omitted”…… good luck to her. 😛

          • PhotogPhox

            Oh my gosh… they actually hired a lawyer? What a joke. They think they are going to win anything? Corey has much more dirt on them for the defamation she has received as a result of their tirade.

          • Melinda Potter

            It’s not really about “winning” anything. More out of necessity at this point. They should have hired someone as soon as she received her first take down notice that she didn’t want to oblige and/or fight. If they had, none of this would have ever happened. I doubt there would have even been a posting on PS about SJK photography. They would have been told by their lawyer to honor the request, pay restitution or any invoices, and all would have been done and over. Nice and quiet and neat, and just a blip in the road. Well… That’s IF they were completely honest with their lawyer about everything, and followed all the legal advice that was given to them.

          • Pointless…