Melissa Roper Photography


This girl is happy to announce she is offering to photograph (and video!) weddings this year for free (yes you read that right) to build her portfolio.  She even offers two photographers for the price of none – per her website.  My personal favorite is that she is urging clients to hire her even if they already have hired a photographer as she says she’ll stay out of their hair.  Suuuuuuureeee.  Here’s my favorite part of her FAQ though, “Are all of the pictures on this website your own? No, the images currently on this website we’re taken by Robin Bradshaw of Bullet Photography. They are a representation of the photojournalistic style I aspire too and they are temporary whilst I build my portfolio in 2012.”

Well… at least she is honest in her dishonesty.  Too bad it’s pretty hidden so unless you are actively looking for it, you wouldn’t know it was NOT her work being shown.   The photographer she stole from did NOT give her permission nor did she credit her exactly as you will see in the source.  



Her site is now down.