Manny the Photographer in Toronto, Ontario



He’s edited a lot of these images – switched from color to black and white, did a face swap, extended a background etc.

PS: His website has auto-playing music for those at work.

Original source [text]


Probable Original source


Original source (unknown who the face is originally from, kind of looks like Kristen Stewart?)


Unknown original source


Unknown original source (a wedding planner uses it a lot but hasn’t credited the original photographer that I can find)


Unknown original source (likely the rental company but they didn’t credit the photographer)


Unknown original source (wedding planner uploaded pin to Pinterest, only source online)


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Unknown original source


Unknown original source


Original source


Unknown original source






  • Justin Case

    “Please remeber that I do consider myself an ameteur photographer. I am learning something new everyday with my camera.”

    So why Manny (no last name), if you put this on your website, why would you possibly consider yourself a ‘pro photography service’ on facebook? And worse, why would you be advertising and charging money for wedding work you can’t possibly achieve?

    PLEASE, please, amateurs, enjoy the process. Learn your craft, and most important, RESPECT the people who you want to (one day) consider your peers. Stop ripping off the very people you should be seeking to learn from.

    Or be a flash-in-the-pan and enjoy your 15 minutes on Photo Stealers. It’s up to you.

  • Andi Cluthe

    The photo of the girl with her back to the camera, if you dig deeper you can see the following credits: Photography: Jon & Tina Reid

    Make-Up: Katy Pheiffer

    Hair: Fordham Hair Design

    Venue: Grittleton House

    • Thanks for the heads-up on this one, btw.

      • Andi Cluthe

        Just had a gut feeling…..I found two today…..if you look at a portfolio and one image is amazing and the second one sucks… just sends off warning bells….:P

  • His name is Manny Grewall. He came into Ontario (Canada) based group of approx 13k people who have some tie into the modelling, fashion, etc industry I run on Fb looking for models posting his website. Thankfully one of the members was on it.

  • You can’t fix stupid

    This guy has taken stealing to a new level with the face swapping. Can anybody say ‘psycho’

    • Ranger40409

      Con artist.

  • Holy face swap batman…BINGO!

  • Bruce

    Original photographer of the Sikh wedding (image 5) is by:

    James Thomas Long Photography featured on ‘’

  • Delowa

    face swap, well holy crap, thats a new one!