Happy Wedding Center / Houston Video Photo

Link 1:  http://www.happyweddingcenter.com/

Link 2:  http://houstonvideophoto.com/

Both of these sites use flash, which makes finding your photos a bit trickier but since this person had also uploaded the images to Instaproofs Google had crawled the images allowing the reverse image lookup to work.  One of the owners found this out and screen captured all of the images she found that were stolen of hers and others on Facebook.  Gallery one: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10102206232633994.3546238.8328224&type=1 and gallery two: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10102206742731754.3546316.8328224&type=3



http://karellephotography.com/ (well over 30 images stolen so the whole site was obviously a source)

http://www.iqphoto.com/ (another source that was used heavily)


Just as this blog went live the galleries have appeared to gone down, the splash pages no longer open up the site.  

  • Anyone know any good sites to order wedding dress replicas from? I’ve looked at 58bridesmaid.com , but can’t figure out if there is a way to look for a specific designer replica on there. Looking for a Maggie Sottero – Jocelyn replica. Thanks!!

  • Silvester Crichton

    my sisters wedding is like 2 months away , and we wanted to buy a dress for her online such as 58weddingdress.com 58bridesmaid.com , i dont know what website is good ? I mean you cant trust all websites out there , so what website do you recommend or you think its trustworthy ? Or if you know anyone who bought a wedding dress online and it was beautiful and just the way wanted it , please tell me the name of website ?
    And can I trust those reviews on those dresses ?

    • Justin Case

      this does not belong here. But perhaps ‘fifty-eight wedding dress’ belongs on some kind of scamming site for their deceptive advertising? (hiding advertising on the comments section of unrelated websites is pretty sleazy)