Elite Photography in Brazil

Website: Β http://www.elitenewborn.com/#!portflio/c1b68
Facebook: Β https://www.facebook.com/elitebrasilia

So many submissions, so little time.

Update 08/10/14:

Added an additional image which Elite flipped horizontally and Google Images didn’t pick up. Β The images have been removed from the website.

Original source


Unknown original photographer


Original source


Original photographer


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Original source


Unknown original photographer


Original source


Original source


Original sourceΒ 


  • U Really That Dumb?

    OMG, the difference between what’s theirs and what’s stolen is STARK!

    • Christopher C.

      Seriously. The airbrushing work on many of the newborn photos is straight up awful.

      The guy/woman has NO TALENT AT ALL!

      No wonder he felt he needed to steal pictures to get clients.

  • peaceetc

    In before someone else steals my post! Again! πŸ˜‰

    Let’s just nip this one in the bud, shall we? I know, it won’t work, but let’s pretend it will.

    To Elite Photography in Brazil, please do NOT do the following:

    1. Flag comments on this listing. We mods will just put them back, so don’t waste your time.

    2. Lie. We have heard every excuse in the book, and you will not come up with something we haven’t heard before. You are not a special snowflake. Nothing you can say will justify what you did, so don’t bother.

    3. Accuse us of slander (because nobody ever figures out it has to be verbal to be slander). We stick to the facts, and if something is publicly available, it’s fair game.

    Please DO the following:

    1. Remove any and all stolen images.

    2. Apologize DIRECTLY to those from whom you have stolen. You owe them that much.

    3. Hope they don’t sue you. Copyright infringement is illegal under the law, and you can be sued for thousands of dollars for EACH stolen image. Yes, seriously.

    4. DON’T STEAL. It’s not complicated — if you didn’t take a photo and don’t have permission to use it from the actual copyright holder, then don’t use it. It’s that simple. Yes, seriously. You claim to be a photographer, so why on earth would you want to use others’ images, anyway? How does that make sense?

    And remember:

    1. If you do it again, you will be caught. Don’t forget — Google knows. Any time someone searched for your business, this listing will come up.

    2. Think about the actual victims here (no, not you) — those whose images you stole. You screwed them over. And frankly, that’s a pretty damned crappy thing to do.

    • U Really That Dumb?

      Hmm… Someone should flag that for deletion… The have someone with a little less of a competitive nature post it. πŸ˜‰

      • peaceetc

        Guess that leaves you out, then. πŸ™‚

  • U Really That Dumb?
    • Rana Pruban Leonhardi

      Actually- they stole an image of Kelly Browns and she posted it to her FB yesterday and all us angry newborn photographers and friends of hers went and tanked their reviews so they took them down.

      • U Really That Dumb?

        Click on the link. You can post reviews.

        • Rana Pruban Leonhardi

          That is really weird! I think like 20 of us took from a supposed 5 star rating to like 1 in under and hour…. I am not sure where those all went to. They might have two FB pages…

        • You can’t fix stupid

          I can’t post a review. πŸ™

      • Rana Pruban Leonhardi

        This is the KB image they stole…flipped and turned into B&W. Still up. πŸ™

        • Guest

          Dang attachement…

    • All the reviews are gone.
      “No reviews. Be the first to review this!”

      I didn;t think you could remove reviews.

  • Peter Kelly

    Just a side issue, in much the same way as the ‘Christine Keeler on a chair shot’ was a protected image (I understand that it would be an infringement if you took a shot of another model mimicking the picture), is there any copyright regarding the baby in the ‘froggy’ pose?

    There was an article here in the UK all about Sandi Ford, who takes such pictures, but I have no idea who did it first. Not ‘photostealing’, but an area full of risks possibly.

    • Lindsay11

      Interesting, do you have a link explaining how that chair shot is protected? Because I am not sure that is true. Unless these people had permission?

      “Both chair and pose have been much imitated ever since. Morley has used it for other portraits, including David Frost (he was the official photographer for That Was The Week That Was), Joe Orton and most recently Dame Edna Everage. The American photographer Robert Erdmann recently borrowed the image for a portrait of Liz Hurley.” http://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/2002/feb/10/features.magazine57

      (I’m not calling you a liar or anything! πŸ™‚ I just think that is interesting and I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an idea being copyrighted like that? I want to read more.)

      Can you copyright a pose? I tried looking around and I don’t think you can. i did however find some strange things you can copyright! http://www.cracked.com/article_20066_5-everyday-things-you-wont-believe-are-copyrighted_p2.html Probably a NSFW for anyone who doesn’t know Cracked.

      • Peter Kelly

        I certainly could be mistaken, but I’m sure that the concept and production as a whole is effectively ‘under copyright’. However, whether it could be effectively argued would depend upon the degree to which the image was reproduced and I’m sure parodies, such as Dame Edna Everage, would not be prevented!

        I’m sure there have been several cases of this nature, though, one involving a
        line of puppies and another regarding a Hawaiian pose, although I
        haven’t followed either of these particularly.

        As Rana says, when an image is reproduced to resemble an original closely it always sails close to the wind, so to speak, but only testing it in law would give a definitive answer.

        I wasn’t really giving an opinion one way or another, to be honest, just curious.

        Anyway, this site does a truly fantastic job and you have my great admiration and appreciation.

        • semi

          That area of copyright is murky. The last case that I remember that was similar is photographer David LaChapelle suing Rihanna for copyright infringement. The case never went to trial and was settled out of court.


          “Rihanna had responded by asking the court to throw out LaChapelle’s claim on the rounds that he was “trying to monopolize a whole genre” of images, namely sadomasochistic scenes. Her lawyers argued that although her video and LaChapelle’s images expressed similar ideas, they did so in different ways.

          “Under federal copyright law, it is the execution of ideas–and not the ideas themselves–that are protected.

          “In a pre-trial ruling in July, the court said that LaChapelle made a plausible claim for infringement because certain scenes from Rihanna’s “S&M” video appeared to copy protectable elements of various LaChapelle images. Protectable elements include sets, wardrobe, lighting, camera angle, and mood, to name several.

          “For instance, the court pointed out that the video’s “Pink Room Scene” and LaChapelle’s “Striped Face” photograph both feature women dominating men in a domestic scene. That subject is not protectable, the court noted, but the particular way that Rihanna’s video portrayed the scene–including the set, wardrobe, “generally frantic mood” and lighting–was “substantially similar” to LaChapelle’s image, the judge said.”

    • Rana Pruban Leonhardi

      As a newborn photographer, I can tell you that the “froggy” and other poses are not copyrighted. When you purposefully recreate an exact image (lighting, pose, backdrop, props, etc)- that is where issues can come up.

      • You are right no one can copyright or trademark a pose or concept. If someone wants to do a similar idea sure …. But make it your own with your creativity in it

        • Lori Hoddinott

          as long as its not seamless white background … then amazon will be calling … πŸ˜‰

          • Even then … Amazon’s specific patent or copyright claim is SUPER specific … won’t be an issue for anyone.

    • You can;t copyright an idea … only the expression of an idea.

      How do I protect my idea?
      Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, systems, or methods of doing something. You may express your ideas in writing or drawings and claim copyright in your description, but be aware that copyright will not protect the idea itself as revealed in your written or artistic work.
      source: http://copyright.gov/help/faq/faq-protect.html

      So the IDEA of “a nude model behind a chair” can;t be protected … only the specific implementation of the idea.

      I’m also not sure why you think that shot is protected. It;s been used thousdands of times since.

      The photo that launched a thousand poses

      Both chair and pose have been much imitated ever since. Morley has used it for other portraits, including David Frost (he was the official photographer for That Was The Week That Was), Joe Orton and most recently Dame Edna Everage. The American photographer Robert Erdmann recently borrowed the image for a portrait of Liz Hurley. With the sensuous curves of the chair, and the seductive legs-akimbo pose, it is an image that has become ingrained in the subconscious. It turns up everywhere, from ads for Martini and luxury apartments, to a glamour shot of Lara Croft for Tomb Raider III . Even Homer Simpson tried it for the cover of a video. When the movie of the Profumo Affair, Scandal, was made in 1989, Morley’s portrait was recreated for the poster.

      source: http://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/2002/feb/10/features.magazine57

  • You can’t fix stupid

    All the comments have been removed from FB that links this site. And those that posted have been banned! Gee surprise surprise.

  • Renato Lucena

    Hey! Finally someone from my country! Terrible work. Damm

    • U Really That Dumb?

      Here’s a money making opportunity for you!
      Charge them to learn photography from you!
      While you’re at it, would you please include a class on ethics and law.

      • Renato Lucena

        What pisses me off is that im just “taking pictures” friends and family. And these assholes think they are photographers. And charge for it. Its just sad that people get taken, trust the most important moments to frauds.

  • BullShite

    So this is a little weird….. did anyone notice this description in the tab when they opened it?? Go to bookmark her page, and you will see this if you use Chrome:

    Janitorial Service, Commercial Cleaning, Cleaning Service- Ottawa, Ontario, On

    Methinks this is NOT the first no experience fly-by-night business this person has owned. (If this is mentioned in the comments already, apologies.)

  • U Really That Dumb?

    To those about to steal, those that have stolen, and those that say nothing ever gets done. Read this!

    In a different jurisdiction or a different judge, she would have received all of it. She may still on appeal.


  • Rana Pruban Leonhardi

    Ever since this… I’ve been getting calls from a blocked number daily. Once I answered and a male with a Hispanic accent (dare I say…Brasilian) mispronounced my name and hung up. I only guess that my caller is from Elite (after spending some time there years ago I recognize the accent) to stalk/harass me. Guess that is what I get for commenting on all the stolen pics on their FB…

    • The price you pay to out thiefs..

    • Lindsay11

      Wow, I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that!

  • whenareyougoingtostopstealing

    this girl is back with new fb and website but is still stealing on her old fb page:

    this is her new site

    new fb page: https://www.facebook.com/sabrina.braz.7524
    new fb fan page: https://www.facebook.com/SabrinaBrazFotografia?pnref=lhc

    • I have no freaking idea why they repeat the crime are they that sad?

      Sent from a iPhone, please excuse the brevity and typos.

      • Factitious_Detector

        I think they are truly deluded enough to think that people won’t be keeping an eye on them…..right Tasha/Aries??