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This person has a ton of aliases!!!  I think I’ve got them all.  For the most part the websites are clean – the only images used are the ones that are part of the WIX package.  The Facebook is a different story though.  There’s a well known person they stole an image of and I find it hilarious in an ironic way.

Unrelated to this submission, I am having a bit of a medical issue and will be having surgery in a week so in the next few weeks I may not be posting as much or at all depending how I feel.  Some thieves may not get busted and I apologize!  I also didn’t delve as deep as I could to find some sources and I apologize.  Just not feeling so swell today.

Starting with the website, these are images that are WIX provided so there is no original source.

Original source unknown



Original source unknown



Facebook is where it gets interesting…

Facebook page:




Original source



Original source



Original source unknown



Original source unknown



Original source unknown



Original source unknown



Original source I couldn’t find but I used to know it.  Yes, this is THE Mark Zuckerberg.  LOL



Original source unknown




  • Eric Lefebvre

    So on FACEBOOK he claims to have shot Mark Zuckerbergs wedding? HAHAHAHAHAA … can’t breathe ..

    • C Sab

      lol If we could get him to see that page I wonder how he’d react.

      • Lori Hoddinott

        someone should file a takedown on his behalf … ha ha

        • C Sab

          lol Tell them that the consequences would be much worse if he found out and filed one on his own.

    • christiecolliermann

      “Mark says I do”
      Hmmm, wonder if Mark can say “You’ve been served”
      Seriously there’s stupid and then there’s so stupid you wonder how the gene pool survives.

      • C Sab

        Probably inbreeding.

  • C Sab

    You can tell which of their images are theirs. They’re the ones that are B&W with shitty selective coloring, a known technique of fauxtographers.

    • Wes Jones

      I’m surprised there are no white vignettes…

      • C Sab

        I am too tbh.

    • Tarisma

      That selective colouring is truly terrible

      • C Sab

        It always is. ALWAYS!

  • Eric Lefebvre

    Who the hell thinks this is portfolio worthy?

    And their packages go up to 5000$ ?!?!?!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • C Sab


      • Bhig Bhad Wolf

        Im not even a photographer, and even I can see what is wrong with this. *douchechills*

        • C Sab

          Only true fauxtographers would NOT see anything wrong with this.

    • Foot fetishists? 😉

  • Lori Hoddinott

    ha ha .. the description in the cover photo of the bride & bridesmaids in gray … ” i stole this photograph too., this was taken by a real photographer., I am not a real photographer., I just pretend., I’m a smart bride, I didn’t hire this douche., YOu want to know what else?, I eat babies., Yes your first born. and I don’t care I love it..”

  • Bhig Bhad Wolf


  • Explain the tags, why tag your own page this way?

  • Joseph Philbert
  • Amber Kost

    Omg the selective coloring horror! So bad, oh my…

  • Roz Bassford-South

    My eyes are still bleeding from the selective colouring….

  • LoLTonelica

    So far only one image in question has been removed. All others remain.

    Edit: There go two more.

  • Michael Goolsby

    His original images are the easiest to spot… they all use goddam selective color!

  • jo thomas
  • C Sab

    We’ve got another coward people! They have reached the deleting and disabling commenting on their page stage of the process.

    • Rick New

      I’d just say she is following a typical pattern.

      • C Sab

        That’s why I worded it that way. It’s a process we’ve established that all these thieves seem to follow.

  • MJ

    The photo of the Zuckerbergs is by Noah Kalina http://blog.noahkalina.com/post/23425103749/priscilla-and-mark-20120519.

  • Melinda Potter

    still using images that aren’t there own here http://www.yourdayphotographed.com./#!price-list/c1kz1 Geeze! Really!?

  • Jay Gough

    Website still full of stolen images.

    • Joseph Philbert

      Really ??? I thought it was all hers

      • Jay Gough

        On the “Packages Page”

        Still one of the images from the original listing.

    • Justin Case

      and some more: they are all stock, most likely from the original template. No excuse though.