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Well, that didn’t last long into the new year before I was sent a thief.  This one got caught because they posted an ad for their business on a Facebook Photography group.  The pricing was ridiculously low on the ad and people looked further.  While there aren’t many images stolen, even one is too many, especially given the vast difference in what their work is vs. the stolen quality of work.

Apologies for the long break, it’s been a really busy end of the year between weddings, albums, sessions and a surgery.



Unknown original source


Original source




Original photographer


Unknown original source (likely stock)


This video is running the same images that are above.  The kissing transitions are a bit suspect but sadly you can’t source video content as easily as you can photo.


Oh and this is why you never trust reviews.  The owner reviewed the business, an employee reviewed the business, and the employee’s DOG (whom also looks like the owner’s dog… hmm) reviewed the business.

  • Marc W.

    So, the dog made a review of the business that it’s an assistant manager at. Wait, what?

    • Helena

      Lolol forever!

    • Who Cares

      Seriously, u went out of your way to look that up. What do u think u are a fucking cop

      • U Really That Dumb?


    • Justin Case

      I do so love it when we find a fraud who goes the extra mile. Nice one, Coulson/Belcuore, you have officially brought the bar to a new low.

      (And nice find Marc W.)

  • Helena

    Out of six reviews, at least four are employees or relatives of members of the company. Why on earth do people do this? It makes you look like a fraud, and that’s before you go and steal a load of photos.

    • jchrtra

      Hey my mom thinks I’m the best…..LOL

      • Helena

        Ha, so does mine, but mine hasn’t reviewed me on Facebook.

  • barque

    Fake reviews are always the icing on the cake with stealers. I really have a severe level of disrespect for these kinds of dishonest jerks.

    • Who Cares

      Fake reviews are better then no reviews. I don’t see u making money. Let’s see your website. Oh wait u don’t have one. Probably don’t even have a life ether. Your probably just a fat ass that sits at home on a computer worried about others people’s problems to raise yourself esteem

      • U Really That Dumb?

        You have NO idea who you’re talking to. You would shit a brick if you found out who half of the people here are.

      • xma1e

        But are you making money? All the prices on your website until you changed it today were cheap. You even had to slash your prices to £199. Not a sign of a successful business is it?

  • xma1e

    The MD left the first review. Apparently before she started working there. Hmm, but you’re the MD according to your personal About page Abigail Coulson!

  • GlennMcQuaig

    FB page is down already. That was fast.

    • Christopher C.

      Yup. The FB is gone, and if there were any pics on the Parent or on G+ they’ve been scrubbed.

      Is it my imagination, or are all of the photos (currently) on the website from exactly ONE event?

      • GlennMcQuaig

        Sure does look like all of the shots are from the same wedding.

      • Helena

        I see three different brides.

        • Marc W.

          Was it a Utah wedding?

    • Who Cares

      Yup good luck finding my new page

      • U Really That Dumb?

        Good luck making a new one from behind bars! You’re assuming the authorities don’t already know.

      • xma1e

        This sounds like a challenge!

      • xma1e

        Why not ask the photographers you stole from?

  • xma1e

    Well this seemed to all start today on the “Facebook Wedding Photographers” FB Group after Abigail posted their latest “offer” (the £699 wedding package) trying to drum up some business. It didn’t go down too well there and she immediately left the group.

    I assume someone alerted Photostealers when people started to spot the stolen images and commented about how they had previously seen stock images before they “revamped” their website with their own (all out of focus) images.

    In the FB group someone also had an email from them claiming all “innocence” due to the images “used” (aka stolen) didn’t have a watermark on them.

    Caught red handed and all that jazz!!!

    • Who Cares

      Fuck u asswhole. I’ll just advertise somewhere else

      • U Really That Dumb?

        Wow, and you think that’s how you get through in life? You do realize that fraud is punishable by prison, right?

        • Who Cares

          Only if u get caught and leave a trail leading directly back to u. I knew exactly what I was doing. I made one mistake and thanks to u and this blog Now I know how to correct it

      • xma1e

        You’ll only get caught at it again.

      • jchrtra

        Sorry its asshole and not asswhole just saying

  • xma1e

    Another website has been found complete with a fascinating “portfolio” page containing watermarks from other photographers.

    The Dipstick Of 2014 award goes to….

  • Helena

    The website suggests they are MPA members. It will nnot shock you to know that there is no record of Bel-Cuore or Abigail Coulson on their website.

  • U Really That Dumb?

    Let’s just nip this one in the bud, shall we? I know, it won’t work, but let’s pretend it will.


    Welcome to the world of being outed by Photo Stealers (Stop Stealing Photos). It is our goal to root out and put a stop to photography copyright infringement. Your outing is one step towards that goal. You used photos you were not authorized to use, which is illegal. You’re probably confused and angry, so let us try to help you get a handle on things by giving you a checklist of things you should be doing and not doing.

    Please do NOT do the following:

    1. React with anger, go into denial, or start in with the threats. We already have the evidence against you. The best thing you can do for you is to be honest and to deal with this head on.

    2. Flag comments on this listing. The mods will just put them back, so don’t waste your time.

    3. Lie or offer excuses. We have heard every excuse in the book (really, we have. One guy even blamed Obama.), and you will not come up with something we haven’t heard before. You are not a special snowflake. Nothing you can say will justify what you did, so don’t bother.

    4. Accuse us of slander (because nobody ever figures out it has to be verbal to be slander). We stick to the facts, and if something is publicly available, it’s fair game.

    5. Create fake accounts to defend yourself. We will see through it, and it’s just a waste of time.

    Please DO the following:

    1. Remove any and all stolen images immediately. That means now. Right now. And no, simply hiding them from public view doesn’t count. They need to be completely deleted.

    2. Apologize DIRECTLY to those from whom you have stolen (and tell the truth!), and offer monetary compensation. You used their images in a professional setting to try to make money, so you owe them that much.

    3. Hope they don’t sue you. Copyright infringement is illegal under the law, and you can be sued for thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, for EACH stolen image. Yes, seriously.

    4. Apologize publicly, on all the sites and social media accounts where the stolen work appeared. Again, you owe it to your clients, fans, friends, etc., to be honest.

    5. Learn about how copyright works. Look up the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. What you may think you know and what is actually the truth are probably two different things (as in: no, posting someone else’s photo as “inspiration” is not a valid reason, nor is it good enough to provide credit. If you don’t have express permission to post someone else’s image, then you don’t post it. That’s it, the end).

    6. DON’T STEAL. It’s not complicated — if you didn’t take a photo and don’t have permission to use it from the actual copyright holder, then don’t use it. It’s that simple. Yes, seriously. You claim to be a photographer, so why on earth would you want to use others’ images, anyway? How does that make sense?

    And remember:

    1. If you do it again, you will be caught. We go back and check old listings to make sure they haven’t started stealing again. And don’t forget — Google knows. Anytime someone searched for your business, this listing will come up.

    2. Think about the actual victims here (no, not you) — those whose images you stole. You screwed them over. And frankly, that’s a pretty damned crappy thing to do. And think about the clients you’ve mislead by presenting a false front. They’re victims, too.

    • Who Cares

      How about u fuck off

      • U Really That Dumb?

        Do you have any idea that all of this stays with you the rest of your life? You will never get away from this.

        • barque

          Why are her comments being deleted?

          • After all his ranting about his intellectal superiority he decided it was best to delete his own commets 🙂

  • Guest

    FB is already down

  • Who Cares

    All those comments and for what? Did I affect all of u personally I don’t think so. What good does it do u to comment smack about my ethics. U are all so perfect, never committed a sin. U all need to get a life, if u haven’t realized already it’s harder then u think to make it in the photography business. I took a short cut so what. Get over it. Good luck finding my new images. And whoever reported me from that Facebook page can stick a big stick up there behind aswell. I’m not here to argue so don’t bother commenting back good bye!

    • U Really That Dumb?

      Let’s break this down for you shall we?
      Did you affect us personally? YES. Too bad your ‘thoughts and feelings’ don’t count in a court of law.
      What good does it do? Well, let us see. THIS page will be here forever. Assuming you live another 50 years, every time someone does a search on you they too will know what lack of ethics you had. They will also know that you are a liar, thief, and fraud.
      Sin, us, sorry, this isn’t about us. It’s about YOU!
      Life? Yup, we all have one. Some of us ARE professional photographers that know exactly how hard all of this is!
      Get over it? Well, at least I get to sleep at night. I don’t have to worry about the cops showing up at my door because I STOLE IMAGES and committed FRAUD. I hope you’ve said you peace to your friends and family should the court lock you up.
      Finding your images? Well, take a look at other people featured here. We’ve found them.
      Who reported you? Doesn’t matter. YOU are the thief and fraud!
      I thought you weren’t going to comment further? Why are you then? Oh, because that’s the typical response from someone that’s been caught!

    • xma1e

      Are they really YOUR images or do you mean the ones you’re about to steal?

  • xma1e

    As for them deleting all their abusive comments here, they have deleted the original post in the Facebook Wedding Photographers group, after I believe, calling everyone “bullies”.
    Sound familiar?

    • Helena

      I actually believe BelCuore got trolled and these comments were not theirs.

      • xma1e

        Possible, but do trolls normally delete their own comments? Or did the page admins do that?
        The excuses given were pretty much the same sent to the Wedding group before Abigail deleted it.

        • Melinda Potter

          Yeah, a good troll leaves their comments, especially when people fall for them. I think it was more likely that the person who commented got embarrassed of their actions/words, and wanted them to go away. I’m pretty bummed too because I didn’t get to see them before they were deleted. Not that I can’t figure out almost word for word what they said, but it would have been entertaining to read

          • xma1e

            They did the same on in the Facebook group where they originally got caught.
            Unfortunately one of the admins there let them re-join the group before they read the post. At least now they have been banned there and exposed.

          • xma1e

            I do think you are right about the embarrassment. This is not just one stealer but at least two in this “company”. Easily one came on to “fight” back and the other seems to be doing “damage control”.

          • U Really That Dumb?

            I saw the comments since they were in response to my comments. They are NOT safe for Work, Small Children, & some Grandparents…

  • athenamor

    I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone here. I always read, but really never post. I have nothing new to add. I have learned a lot about copyright from this group and how it protects me. I never could wrap my head around using others work as my own. I don’t understand why there are so many that do that. When I started my photography I wanted every piece to be mine. I have tried to mimic styles, techniques, and actions or whatever, as learning experiences (you can learn so much by trying stuff out to attempt an affect or style), but to take someone’s work and call it my own baffles me. So thanks again for all that participates on this site.

    • Melinda Potter

      I’m with you. I’ve learned a lot from this blog, and was completely shocked to find out that photographers steal other photographer’s work. Or should I say people who call themselves photographers? Because I don’t think any legit photographer would ever have the idea of stealing photos ever cross their mind.

    • xma1e

      To be honest they are not photographers. They would like to be but that takes time and skill.

      • athenamor

        I agree, I guess photography is so easy to “get in to” if you have a little money to put in to it. I really hate the total disrespect to the craft. I have poured countless hours and learning and practicing, and that hasn’t stopped. I just hate that if you want your work displayed it’s so easy to steal. I appreciate this site and all the work that is put in to it. I know of the tools you use, but I don’t know how to use them (reverse look up). I’ve learned that copyright infringement is very serious and will be taken seriously. That makes me feel better. You guys rock, I’ve been reading for about a year now, and I’ve seen you attacked and harassed. I’ve seen tempers flared, and kindness given. You guys are doing it right despite it all.

        • Factitious_Detector

          There are always people who have some sort of short-circut in their brains, that says “I can get there without the work”, that allows them to think it’s “ok” to lie and steal, and defraud, and be lazy. Some of them even get to the point where THEY believe their own lies about themselves.

          For them it’s all about the accolades, or the lure of a “quick buck”, and never about actually being GOOD, because being good is WORK and EFFORT, and the pay off sometimes comes after YEARS of work and effort, not immediately. These people ultimately end up shooting themselves in the foot, along with any chance of a legitimate career in the field they want to be so “wonderful” in.

          You would THINK they would see how quickly and easily they can ruin everything for themselves… most professional communities are reasonably well connected, not just photography.

          …..and the internet never forgets.

  • Wedding Photography is an art, a craft that takes years to learn, and there is no stoppage in learning, We have people buying entry level DSLRs and start advertising as professional Photographers, only because they have a dslr, and sometimes the general public falls for it, maybe because of there previous marketing skills and they market there company well. But clients later do regrett not paying a real professional Photographers to shoot there weddings.
    Its a shame that Wana be photographers have to steal other photographers images to get jobs.
    I find that insulting to photographers, and clients stop trusting photographers all together.

    here is the advice.
    1: do not steal other photogrpahers images and call them your own
    2: know your cameras.
    3: practice on friends on family
    4: shadow a seasoned professional photographer.
    5: second shoot for a year or so, before taking on a job as a primary photographer.
    6: keep on learning the craft, as there is always something to learn.

    If I missed anything, Professional photographers Please feel free to add 🙂

    • Me, Myself and I

      Good start …

      7: Insurance … get it.
      8: Backup gear … get it.
      9: Fast Glass … get it (or rent)

      8 and 9 are super important for anyone thinking of shooting weddings … one entry level DSLR with a combo kit lens (18-55 and 55-200 variable aperture) won’t cut it. The client won;t care if your one camera borks in the middle of the ceremony … all he”l know is that you failed to perform your contractual duties and he will SUE YOU,

      7: If something happens and you don’t have PROFESSIONAL liability … you are going to go bankrupt. Do you really want to risk your house, garnished wages, all your gear, your car … for a 2000$ wedding (actually, most people who NEED this advice don’t understand the cost of doing business so let;s say 500$ really)

      10: YOU WILL GET CAUGHT and then it’s potentially FRAUD charges you are facing … like all these stealers could should past disgruntled clients discover their duplicitous actions.

      • Great addition mate,
        My backups stays in the bad, but my camera did fail on me once in the last 3 years, How ever luckily I had a backup body in my back.
        The wedding was a big wedding, clients was paying a lot of money for it, Now If I didnt have a backup body, then I would have been scewed left right and centre.

        • Me, Myself and I

          I once accidentally knocked my camera on a hard surface … HARD … the mirror jammed … thank god for backup gear.

          I didn’t have time to stop in the middle of the wedding ceremony to try and fix it, I switched to my secondary body and signaled my assistant to come switch out my main for my spare (that’s right … 3 cameras). Was able to un-jam the mirror while my assistant drove us from the ceremony to the location for the formals.

          I’ve read stories of people getting err99 on canon cameras in the middle of a shoot … you don’t have time to trouble shoot that shit in the middle of a wedding. Heck, even on a catalog shoot, you might have 2 models, and assistant, hair and makeup, stylist plus the client waiting … time is money … you are looking at potentially 500$ an hour (at the low end) just in salaries there between all these people … at that point and you don’t have time to dick around or even worse, imagine having to re-book all of those people and telling your client you’ll have to re-shoot another day once you get your gear fixed!!!