It’s Fun to Flirt aka Phoopla

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What started as a boudoir photographer that was stealing images for ads and their gallery (which is oddly hosted on Pinterest) turned into a photographer duo that is an entire new chapter to Photo Stealers.

When caught, the response is not Fuck You. That just gets back to me which means that I need to dig more.

I also am highly amused by the Phoopla tagline, “Fighting the good fight against snobby, overcharging, under-delivering ‘professional’ photographers and designers” and define phoopla as “that feeling when you finally find a photographer that you can truly trust.” I can’t make this shit up.

Update @ 8:15PM EST:  I’ve added a bit more to the post as the Phoopla owners are claiming not to be affiliated with It’s Fun to Flirt which is just silly since it was ON PHOOPLA’S FACEBOOK PAGE.

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Boundless Weddings

Wedding Wire:

They have not taken EVERYTHING, all the images in their website gallery appear to be theirs (I think this company has gone through a few name changes).  It goes off the rails in the blog though with images and copy coming from various sources on the internet – they do credit, somewhat but with initials and sometimes wrong.  NOT how you credit your source.

Update 03/20/2014

They are still using many stolen images, refusing to take down images.

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Photographic Inspirations




If you are caught with your hand in the cookie jar, it’s probably best to a) apologize and b) delete EVERYTHING you took. It’s not a good idea to claim the images are all yours save for that ONE boo-boo and insult the photographers.

PS: Your rants may look silly if you left the watermarks on the images from the photographers you stole from.


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SS Photography


I do not understand why so many photographers use someone else’s images for their own mini session advertisements. I just don’t get it.  This photographer was warned a few times not to do this and kept replacing the images the photographers told her to take down with new images that still were not hers.  Sigh.   

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Eddie Art Studios


Model Mayhem:

Don’t steal celebrity photographs. That never ends well. Someone is bound to recognize the person and then start looking for the source.

I’ve noticed a few people on the Facebook Page asking why people aren’t watermarking because that would easily solve all of these thefts. This person goes to show you that watermarks can be removed. If you know what you’re looking for you can see where they’ve been removed but the average consumer won’t notice the smudging in the area where the original photographer’s watermark used to reside. Sadly, watermarks aren’t a fail safe.

Since a lot of Eddie’s portfolio is boudoir and nudes, keep in mind that many of these sources are NSFW, I tried to keep the screen caps as clean as possible but I don’t know how strict your workplace rules are so keep that in mind!!!!!

I’m not going to post the nude section because some of them are taken by Eddie and the others have so many various sources it’s impossible to know who the photographer is (and often it’s from model portfolios w/o the photographer listed or in a foreign language). In order to keep this site MOSTLY safe for work, I’m opting not to list them for now.

Eddie Art Studios image on the left, original source is on the right unless otherwise specified.

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