Emily Hummel Photography in Elkton, VA

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emily-Hummel-Photography/259832030725935


By the time I was alerted to this thief, the owners of the photos have mostly done what they should and reported the image theft to the web site host and Facebook so many of the images are down, but not all.  There is also a couple images that are stock images that are being used.  Her website online has already been taken down from the owners of the images filing DMCA’s so that’s a plus!





http://www.zazzle.com/young_love_poster-228589823889324440 (probably a stock image, it’s all over the web)

http://onepicdaily.blogspot.com/2009/12/cute-little-girl-with-flowers.html (another that is all over the web, hard to find source)


Most images have been removed but there are still some stock images on her page.  She is getting pretty nasty back at people commenting on her Facebook Page about the stolen works and calling the owners of the images “snoody” for asking her to remove them.


It appears her Facebook Page is down, possibly gone depending if she or Facebook took it down for the multiple DMCA reports.

A & K Photography


Link:  http://www.aandkphotography.com/default.html

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/aandkphotography1

It looks like this photographer has been at this for about a month though, not just a week as I can see stolen images on facebook were put up in April.  Sure, the images at the beginning of their wedding page on their site may be theirs but the more you scroll the more they “borrowed” from other sites.  Of course the borrowed photos have their logo on it… that’s totally a mistake right?  Beyond the stolen images I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t have licensing for the music as well (note, turn your speakers off before going to their site if you don’t care for music on sites).

He’s been confronted and is denying, of course.  This excuse?  He got the images from a free wedding image advertising site.  Ah, of course.  Because nothing says legit like using stock photos to sell your photography business.  Note this is against all terms of service on stock image sites.

He is slowly taking down images as the owners confront him (owners, I have a PDF of the page before if you need it for any legal purposes) but what’s amusing is that he’s not taking down ALL of the stolen images.


(Original source for this image is: http://timlarsenphoto.com/2011/nick-sarah-married-gorgeous-manhattan-beach-lodge-wedding-on-crosslake/)

Image Sources:









http://weddingandflowers.info/2009/04/the-best-wedding-flower-ideas-and-different-types-of-wedding-flowers/ (appears to be a stock image)

But wait!  There’s more!  

Their biography has also been lifted from another site.  I know, I am shocked as well!

Their bio:



This was stolen nearly word for word from… well I’m not sure who from.  According to CopyScape there’s at least 6 photographers using this same bio with words and numbers swapped out and some expanding on this making even more mirrors.  Sure, A&K may have originally wrote it but considering that their online presence didn’t appear to start until 2012 I am doubting they were the first to get this.  Maybe it’s from that free wedding site too…


He is removing some of the images but not all and none have been removed from the Facebook Page.  If one of the images is yours, filing a DMCA with Facebook is easy as pie.  Contact me if you need help.


A and K Photography is claiming that this is a “lie” by a former partner so I’m going to continue to show images and their sources (none of which are from the gentleman he’s accusing of starting this rumor).  He’s also threatening to sue.  The proof is in the pudding right?  Although these sources are linked above, photographers are visual people so here’s the visual proof.



This image from A&K Photography’s wedding pricing page and Facebook Page, both I should note have “A and K Photography” watermarked on the image, is stolen from this blog post by Elite Portrait Design in Mankato.


This image from A and K photography’s senior photo page is stolen from a blog post on Laura Trovillion Photography.


Both of these images seen on the same senior page are stolen from Dawn Havrelock.  The gentleman’s original post is located here on her blog, the girl’s images are here on her original blog post.


This blog may have been the final tipping point for A and K to finally remove ALL of the stolen images from their Facebook Fan Page as they were here right before they went down.  Hi!!!!  Now let’s work on your website OK?


A and K has finally removed most (not all mind you!) of the stolen works from their website and Facebook page.  However guess what hasn’t been touched?  The Google + page!



Seriously???  MORE stolen images?!?





I should mention here that I think it is quite shady to use their personal portrait from their wedding day in advertising and on their multiple websites since it’s being presented with images they claim to have taken and NOT labeled as them or their wedding image from their own wedding photographer.

UPDATE #4 3/1/2013:

Guess who got caught stealing again?  Youuuuu got it, A&K!  Boy, that old partner just doesn’t stop does he 😉  It’s amazing he still has access to their Facebook page to keep putting these stolen goods up huh?